Cliff Pioneer Black Metallic Blue Helmet

New Cliff Pioneer Black Metallic Blue Helmet
Feather weight Champion
For those of you who are looking for a helmet with no bling and are going in for the typical biker look, get a Cliff!
It sets the record of being the lightest Full Faced helmet in Production.
Cliff is now available with coats for a sharper look.
•Elliptical with good look
•Snug fit
•Easy fitting visors
•Compact design
•Provided with ABS for impact resistance and toughness
•Light  weight
•Scratch-resistant helmet and visor

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What Type of Bike Do You Ride?


Adventure Touring


Riders on these bikes typically prefer Modular helmets which allow you to raise the face shield and some incorporate elements to raise the entire front of the helmet.




Cruiser riders generally enjoy the breezy style in the Half Shell helmet. This is a minimalist helmet for the casual rider.


Old School Bike


These riders hearken back to yesteryear for the old days of motorcycle riding using an Open Face helmet. It offers more protection than a half-shell and provides a big nostalgia factor.




A full face helmet is the norm for sportbikers. Full face helmets offer elite all-around protection with a solid chin bar and flip-up shield. These are the safest helmets.


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